Sunday, January 13, 2008

Peace off iTunes store - I've found someone else.

A wonderful DRM free online music purchase option.

I recently saw Across the Universe and fell in love with the music. With a 10$ iTunes gift card in my pocket I thought I would put it to good use. However, the 10 would only afford me the regular set, meaning I would miss out on about half of the movie material included on the Deluxe edition. 

So I googled. And to my great surprise I found the Deluxe set for a mere $8.99 at mp3 beta

After the purchase, you download a lightweight .dmg or Windows equivalent that runs the downloads and automatically adds them to your iTunes library.

I'm sorry iTunes store, I've found someone else. I'd say it's not because of you, but as a matter of fact it is. I can't search your directories with my browser of choice. The music you offer me depends on what country I've tied my account to, and I can't buy your "American" songs with my Swedish credit card. And to top it all off, to reap your fruits DRM free ("plus" as you call it) I have to pay extra.  

It's over iTunes store. It's over.