Monday, May 21, 2007

Me, now with Glasses and without Goo

Last summer I took a roadtrip with Jonathan Cowperthwait, Kirsten Johnson, and Jesse Friedman.

In a first small midwestern town I lost a contact, and was left one-eyed.

In another small midwestern town I got contacts for free - apparently it's standard to give free trials to new customers (be they from the town or clearly passing through).

Had I been smart, I would have stopped at every town optician along the road, and would not have had to wear the same contacts for 6 months.

(No, I didn't have to, but I'm a cheap college student and don't stop until it hurts)

Then it started to hurt - around 8 PM every night I started producing long strands of mucus in my eye. If I lifted my lid, stuck my finger inside my eye, dug around for a while and pulled out it would come out in a long stringy and surprisingly strong yellow substance. Like a wet rubber band.

I like rubber bands, but not in my eyes, and so I got glasses. I like my glasses.

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Willy said...

marcus that's disgusting

i'm glad you have glasses now