Sunday, June 24, 2007

Phone geographics 2.0

It is now cheaper for me to call US cellular phones from Sweden than to call Swedish cellular phones from Sweden.

As the sole representative of non-distinguished cellular and landline phone numbers, the US cannot charge the caller differently for calling a cellular or a landline phone. The surcharge falls upon the callee (which btw is a big joke: how the f*** did AT&T pull off charging double for each call - both caller and callee!?).

With Skype, my calls are all local, meaning I am charged for a local landline call when I call a US cellular phone. In Sweden however, they charge me some ridiculous $0.50 / minute, the going rate.

Does this mean the American phone system shot themselves in the foot when they
thought up their double rate scheme without eyes on future digital communication / VoIP, or am I just fooling myself?

Either way, I can now be reached locally both from the US and Sweden, so give me a call!

Phone number: [This page left blank intentionally]

Edit: This obviously render the number in the previous post obsolete

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