Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ruby: All Combinations / Permutations up to length n-1 of a String

In writing a Scrabble like game, I needed a quick fix to get all possible combinations of a string (of length 1..n). I would then look these combinations up in the dictionary to determine if they are words valid for placement.

It would be nice to able to do the following:

'abc'.combinations.each do |combo|
So I hacked up the following:
class String
# Get all the combinations of a string.
# Returns an array of all combinations of a string
# If a block is given, then that block is called once for each combination
def combinations &action
ret = []
0.upto length-1 do |n|
#rest = self.split('') # regular
rest = self.split(//u) # UTF-8
picked = rest.delete_at n picked if action
ret << picked
rest.join.combinations.each do |perm|
genperm = picked+perm
ret << genperm genperm if action
Which does the following:
p 'abc'.combinations # => ["a", "ab", "abc", "ac", "acb", "b", "ba", "bac", "bc", "bca", "c", "ca", "cab", "cb", "cba"]

'abc'.combinations do |combination|
puts combination
# =>
# a
# ab
# abc
# ac
# acb
# b
# ba
# bac
# bc
# bca
# c
# ca
# cab
# cb
# cba
Just what I wanted!

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