Sunday, March 2, 2008

UoC Quickie - Rapid Login Bookmarklet


A one click solution to log in to the University of Chicago wireless network - the UoC Quickie3. Drag the link to your bookmark toolbar. Next time you want to log in to the UoC wireless, just click the bookmark. It'll take care of the rest.

  1. It's annoying to type in your cnet username and password every time you want to check your email.
  2. It's very annoying when on your handheld (iPhone...) to type in your cnet username and password every time you want to check your email

Bookmarks are url's, and url's can contain javascript. This particular javascript
  1. checks that we're on the UoC login page
  2. check if it has stored login information
  3. uses the stored login information to log in, or asks for user name and password
The user name and password are stored as encrypted cookies. However, as always: guard your cookies.

To use the UoC Quickie3, just drag the link to your bookmark toolbar. Next next time you're faced with the UoC wireless login page, just click the bookmark.

Update: If you're an IE7 user, then you will have to right click the link and "add to favorites." If you're an IE6 user... you're out of luck. Microsoft saw to making this impossible. Please download Firefox. IE6 breaks the web.

Update: To get this to work on your iPhone, you have to add it to your Safari bookmarks on your computer and then sync. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get it onto your iPhone.

Update: A missing space in the cookie code messed up the expiration date, resulting in the cookies being trashed when the browser closed. This has now been fixed.

Update: New version! UoC Quickie3 now works on the iPhone. However, make sure you enter your information correctly - the only way to delete it is to manually delete your cookies.


Cowperthwait said...

You're my hero!

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