Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Facebook Exporter + iPhoto = <3

How to Import photos from your camera, Upload them to the Facebook, Label and Comment them in less than 30 seconds.
Two stupid reasons not to upload lots and lots of photos to Facebook, the largest picture sharing platform in the world: 1) I don't have a camera. 2) It's a heinous process. Solution 1: shitty cell phone camera that won't go above 640x480. Solution 2: Facebook Exporter for iPhoto.
  1. Download Facebook Exporter for iPhoto and install (Mac users only, oh yeah).

  2. Open iPhoto

    Shift + Spacebar (searchlight) + iPhoto + downArrow + Enter

  3. Import pictures into iPhoto.

    Shift + Apple + I

  4. Select pictures to export

    Apple or Shift + Click Click Click

  5. Open Facebook Exporter. Add comments and label people. If you sign in you'll even get a list of your Facebook friends as if on the actual site. But much nicer!

    Apple + Shift + E

  6. Hit export, watch it happen, click "go to facebook and approve album" link which takes you right to facebook. There you just hit "check all," approve them, aaaand... That's it! MAN it's a beautiful process!

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