Monday, May 7, 2007

The nastiest Sh** from my neck

I was born with a birthmark.


It just happens to be that I was born with an incredibly irritating and outstanding birthmark, on my neck. Not big really, but extremely irritating because of it's remarkable protrusion. Well, one night with the Impiglias I climbed a tree, and managed to rip half of it off.

Hurt like a mofo, and I had to wear a band aid to be able to wear a sweater over it. Friends (myself included) told me to go to the SCS. I was going to, it was just taking time to find the right opportunity to do so. Last Friday I was out dancing with a few friends and was going to pull the "check-out-my-disgusting-loose-birthmark-under-the-bandaid" party trick. I took it off, and they were...

unimpressed. Apparantly my birth mark had come off by itself, and I was left with nothing but a little red dot in the middle and a blotch from my two-week long band-aid wearing through showers, etc.

"But what about Newton's laws of conservation?" you might ask, and absolutely correctly the birthmark still exists. It had just transfered itself onto the band-aid instead:

Enjoy your dinner!

<3 M!

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Willy said...

i thought that was a nicotine patch and that you were trying to quit smoking