Monday, February 25, 2008

BackPackIT BackOffIT! ClockingIT isIT!


ClockinIT: A free, beautiful, open source project management website.

"ClockingIT was created for fun, not profit, using Ruby on Rails"

While 37signal's Backpackit has had a bit of monopoly on the ajaxian project management frontier, ClockingIT recently sprung up from two dedicated Norwegian developers, and the community seems to be building strong.

ClockingIT specs: built leveraging a ton of open source goodies, including Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Juggernaut (cometing), and more.


Three main points for ClockingIT over Backpackit:

  • It's Free
  • It's Open source
  • It's Up and running in 2 minutes

Go to and signup.

For developers who want to contribute, get the source with darcs (howto) or with git (repository: git://

[git installation instructions on OS X 10.5]


Fudge said...

Thanks for the review. I'd really love for more people to get involved and help with the development, as I've done pretty much everything alone so far. :-)

Making it easier to install on your own servers will get some focus soon, after I finish up export/import of your data. said...

Hej hopp,

Jag antar att det ar Erland?

I (think I) almost got clockingit runnning on my localhost. However, I had the following problem:

The server forwards me to, so I've tried to fix this by

Changing line 58 of environment.rb
$CONFIG = { :domain => "" }
$CONFIG = { :domain => "localhost" }
$CONFIG = { :domain => "localhost:3000" }

which results in a redirect to to ""
I then try to answer to this by editing /etc/hosts

But that just doesn't work. I just get a "Problem loading page" for

I also tried just adding


and not changing environment.rb, but that didn't work either. At this point I'm just guessing.

So... Do you have any ideas about what I'm doing wrong?


Fudge said...

Yep, that's the part I need to improve on the most. :-)

Use something like this in /etc/hosts:

This is only if you're trying to run ClockingIT on the same machine as the browser. If you're using two machines, make sure you replace with the server IP.

When that's done, browse to and enter cit as the subdomain and sign up.

You then need to set $CONFIG = {:domain => ''} in config/environment.rb and you should be good to go with browsing to and logging in.

-- Erlend

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