Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hidden OS X Gems


A handpicking of 4 "hidden" OS X gems from OakInnovations' list of 10

  1. Easily compare versions of a file, and cherry pick among the differences: FileMerge

  2. Summarize any text: Summarize

  3. Save snippets of text and images by dragging them from your web browser to the Desktop: Drag n Drop Save

  4. Have folders update their content automatically based on simple rules: Smart Folders
  1. FileMerge - Type in FileMerge in Searchlight, or use the Finder menu Finder > FileMerge > Compare Files

  2. Summarize - Select text, go to the application menu (e.g. Safari) > Services > Summarice

  3. Drag n Drop Save - Just mark the text or picture you want to save, and drag it to the Desktop. (Only works in Carbon applications - yet another reason to switch to WebKit)

  4. Smart Folders - In Finder, File > New Smart Folder (or just hist cmd + opt + N). A smart folder can be really simple and powerful, or complex and very powerful.

    (On my Desktop I have a smart folder Recent Ruby with rules Modified within last 1 day, and name ends in rb. This gives me a quick overview over all the files in all my current Ruby projects that I've worked on today.)


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