Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mac OS X : Save PDF's of Any Document with a Click


Save a PDF of any document or picture to pre-determined folders with a quick cmd+p and click (without navigating the directory structure)


  1. Go to /Library (Open Finder, hit Cmd+Shift+G, type /Library, hit Enter)
  2. Find or create a folder named PDF Services
  3. Open a new Finder window, and create the Folders you want to save PDF's to (hit Cmd+N, and hit Cmd+Shift+N to create each Folder)
  4. Create an alias for each Folder (Select all folders, hit Cmd+L)
  5. Drag all aliases to the /Library/PDF Services folder in the first window
Done. You will now have the selected folders appear in the save menu.

Extra Hint

You can alias other things than Folders. If you often read and highlight created PDF's in, say, Acrobat Reader, then try to alias the Acrobat Reader application and put it in /Library/PDF Services as well.

Thank you

Macworld for the great article, with this and other tips.

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Cowperthwait said...

To simplify your instructions a bit:

Without having to navigate to that folder in the Finder and create aliases, you can add locations or applications to the PDF menu by choosing "Edit menu..." from within any print dialog box.

Your platform won't let me insert images. But see screenshot here